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JOB TITLE:  Paraprofessional and/or In-School Suspension Supervisor




Help students with assignments and to assist teacher. 





Must have completed 48 college hours, possess an Associates degree, or successful completion of ParaPro Assessment.



Light typing work



Computers, tape recorder, copier





  1. Help students
  2. Assist teacher in classroom.
  3. Grade papers.
  4. Work on bulletin boards (keep up-to-date calendar).
  5. Run errands (office, in-house, counselors, etc) for teacher.
  6. Run off papers.
  7. Take class for reading teacher for half day or less.



  1. Help principal and/or in office as needed.
  2. Fill in for other teachers as needed.
  3. Help watch hall during class changes (daily).
  4. Help with school functions (ex: “No pink slip parties”).
  5. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.



In-School Suspension Supervisor

  1. Supervise students in the In-School Suspension building/room and assist the students in the completion of assignments made by the regular classroom teacher.
  2. Maintain discipline and control of the I.S.S. environment.
  3. Maintain open communication with the Principal’s office.
  4. Maintain open communication with the classroom teachers.
  5. Keep teachers’ assignments organized and file materials in teachers’ mailboxes at the end of the day.
  6. Keep a file of students in I.S.S. documenting their infraction, age, grade, sex, and number of times in I.S.S. to prepare semester and year-end reports.
  7. If I.S.S. is not being held, the I.S.S. instructor may be assigned additional duties not limited to, but including: substituting for a teacher or assistant, supervising students, monitoring student testing, administering student testing, assisting in the office, etc.
  8. Appropriate paperwork for substituting is necessary.
  9. In-School Paraprofessional may participate in quarterly training with the Vice Principal.
  10. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.


SUPERVISOR: Building Principal


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Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangeSee Job Description
LocationDistrict Wide

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Start Date06/16/2014