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Bachelor’s degree with appropriate teaching certificate in the area of subjects taught.








No single person in the educational environment has more influence on the student than the classroom teacher.   There are a number of areas where classroom teachers must develop competencies and accept responsibility.  These areas are:

  • Teacher's responsibility as a citizen.
    • Assumes full responsibility as a citizen by teaching a true sense of respect and allegiance to the United States of America.
    • Bases the instructional program around the concept that the fundamental purpose of public education is to produce an enlightened citizenry, so that the ideals of democracy may be perpetuated.
      • Provides opportunities for students to make responsible decisions based upon reliable facts and information.
      • Develops in students the power of critical thinking.
      • Stresses the concept of individual responsibility inherent in a democracy.
      • Instills in pupils those rudiments of good citizen-ship; namely, love and respect for each other, their homes, their school, and their country.
  • Teacher's understanding of children and concern for them.
    • Carefully examine and make use of all available evidence concerning each child, e.g., tests, health records, socioeconomic evidence and permanent records.
    • Be familiar with pupils' interests and their anxieties.
  • Help pupils develop a sense of security and self confidence.
  • Find time to allow for a student's personal needs as a part of stimulating his/her intellectual growth.
  • Seek to motivate children so their interests will broaden and deepen to expand their self-education throughout life.
  • Be fair to the child who conforms and the one who does not.
  • Respect the diversity of religious beliefs of all pupils.
  • Teachers must be successful in:
    • Classroom Planning
      • Plan so that maximum learning will be achieved for each student.
      • Organize and prepare lesson plans as directed by the building principal.
      • Apply known and accepted principles of child growth and development.
    • Organization of work:
      • Be informed and current on the subject matter.
      • So organize that every child can understand the purposes of the lesson.
      • The method of presentation and development must provide a challenge for the fast learner and, at the same time, instruction for the slower learning child.
      • Be willing to try new and different teaching techniques and materials, so that maximum results are produced with every child in the class.
    • Classroom atmosphere:
      • There must be evidence of purposeful activity in the classroom.
      • Interest and challenge the students to the extent that every child is anxious to participate in the lesson.
      • Stimulate pupils to think, to evaluate information and to substantiate conclusions.
      • The physical aspect of the classroom should be conducive to successful learning, i.e., attractive bulletin boards, neatness of the room, and work areas to meet individual needs.
      • Be considerate of pupils' feelings; refrain from the use of sarcasm or ridicule in front of the rest of the class.
      • Allow no "put-downs" from students.
      • Command the respect of the pupils.
  • Professional attitude
    • Be able to work harmoniously with colleagues.
    • Accept responsibility and offer services for extra-curricular activities that would contribute to the welfare of students and the profession.
    • Attend inservice workshops/meetings offering opportunity for professional growth.
    • Strive to make continuous educational advancement in one's teaching field through study and/or travel.
    • Welcome suggestions on how to improve self and teaching.  Be aware of improved methods of teaching in the subject matter area.
    • Constantly re-evaluate teaching in the light of the children's achievements.  Welcome constructive evaluation of professional performance.
    • Contribute to and participate in educational associations and societies whose memberships are available.
    • Perform other duties as may be requested by the principal.
  • Teacher acceptance of the standards and responsibilities of teaching in the public schools.
      • Personal standards
        • Good health
        • Clean, neat appearance
        • Regular and prompt attendance in school
        • Breadth of interest (community, profession, pupils)
        • Self-control (calmness, dignity, poise, reserve)
        • Good judgment (discretion, foresight, insight, intelligence)
        • Leadership (initiative, self-confidence)
        • Forcefulness (courage, decisiveness, firmness, independence, purpose)
        • Scholarship (intellectual curiosity)
        • Honesty
        • Adaptability
        • Enthusiasm (alertness, inspiration, spontaneity)_
        • Open mindedness
        • Industry (patience, perseverance)
        • Cooperation (helpfulness, loyalty)
        • Consideration (appreciativeness, courtesy, kindness, sympathy, tact, unselfishness)
      • Other responsibilities
        • Ability to keep records accurately and neatly.
        • Ability to follow through on administrative policies and requests.
        • Ability to work wisely and effectively with parents and other adults, both within the staff and within the community.
        • Participation in community-school activities.
        • Other duties as assigned by supervisor/principal.

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